About us

One of Turkey’s leading brands in the medical industry, our company Shayra Medical, be the best in the industry and from 2015 with the absolute customer satisfaction targets serve non-stop service since.

Our company attaches great importance to the opinions of our valued customers in addition to import and sales. Because we know that your satisfaction is one of the things that grow and develop us.

As Shayra Medical, we are conscious of being in the health sector. We always develop ourselves in parallel with changing technology and industry conditions and we serve in this direction. We respond to all needs in the health sector with our expert staff.

Our Vision

As Shayra Medical Health and Cosmetics, our vision is to improve the quality of life of our customers by being among the respected companies in the sector. While doing this, we aim to make your satisfaction absolute by offering you the most professional and top quality products in the industry.

Our Mission

As Shayra Medical Health and Cosmetics, we understand the changing environment of the health sector and try to bring the latest technology to increase our service quality. We promise to strengthen our place as a market leader with our difference in our product quality, our relationships with our customers and the experience of our employees.

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